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Flexible mobile solutions that meet all of your communication needs.


A cloud based VoIP phone system will change the way you do business.

A Forum IT cloud voice solution for your business takes away the need for expensive hardware such as PABX. This means there is nothing on-site for you to worry about or maintain, plus you enjoy many enhanced features that you could never get with an on-premise system – like being able to answer your office phone from any location. And you can scale up or down with absolute ease.

Cloud VoIP moves with you

Moving your business used to mean changing your number. With a Forum IT Cloud VoIP phone system, your number will stay with you, regardless of where you locate your business. You can simply plug in a handset anywhere with an Internet connection and be connected to your cloud PBX. Imagine the flexibility that gives you – appearing as though you are in the office when in fact you could be anywhere.

Calls can be picked up anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, reception can be centralised or shared – these are just some of the possibilities with Forum IT VoIP.

Cloud conferencing

Conference calling is a regular part of business today. But it can be expensive and using options such as a conference bridge may not provide you with the security you are after.

With a Forum IT cloud conferencing solution, you can have all the traditional features, like entry and exit notifications using chimes or recorded names together with the added security lock, preventing new callers from joining the active call and a private roll call, meaning participants can hear a playback of the names still active on the call.

Your virtual call centre

Call centres conjure up a vision of a vast office, filled with staff, rent, electricity, hardware: all high cost and generally only in the realm of big business. It used to cost tens of thousands of dollars just to get call centre software, now Forum IT’s cloud based call centre applications are within reach of all businesses.

Staff can be located wherever you choose, all that is required is an Internet connection. From basic queueing and reporting, through to advanced skills-based routing and detailed analytics, your call centre staff can be full participants in a feature-rich, call centre queue.

Scale up or scale down easily and have a professional call centre operation with a Forum IT solution.


Forum IT gives you access to latest in corporate grade, high quality, high definition video conferencing solutions

With the strength of our industry partners, Forum IT is able to provide LifeSize’s highest performing room video conferencing system, ensuring best-in-class mobile apps and the highest quality cloud video service in one package.

A LifeSize solution from Forum IT comprises of enterprise grade full HD 1080p video conferencing for anyone, anywhere, on any device. The solution includes the seamless integration of room systems, desktops, laptops and mobile devices with mutli-platform support on Mac, PC, Android and iOS. LifeSize offers the broadest range of HD video collaboration in the market across 40+ mobile devices.


  • Flexible low-risk subscription plans for all size teams and budgets.
  • Complete plug and play solution. The Icon room system is intuitive to use and works right out of the box with minimal tech setup and configuration. Low maintenance solution with automatic updating on all devices and video systems, taking the pressure off your IT provider.
  • LifeSize Cloud is hosted globally in best-in-class, tier 1 data centres (IBM, Amazon).
  • Makes your team more productive and makes a great impression with your customers. Never miss a meeting, no matter where you are!
  • Invite guests to your virtual meeting room with minimal fuss and with no need for dedicated accounts.
  • Far superior experience, scalability, security, connectivity and support than Skype or Google Hangout.

Would you run your business telephony over Skype? Are your business applications based on Google Docs? If the answer is no, then why would you run your business video conferencing in such an environment? Let Forum IT show you how an industry leading video solution can change the way you run your business.


A truly mobile workforce

A Forum IT mobility solution allows your team to connect to your corporate network from any laptop, tablet or mobile device, enabling them to readily access all their documents, applications and provide access to Corporate Directories.

With the addition of a Forum IT cloud calling solution, you can answer calls without your customers ever knowing you are out of the office – your office number seamlessly transfers calls to your mobile.

And with remote-click-to-call, you can place outbound calls from your mobile but the caller will see your office number.

Optimising your arrangements

With so many carriers, mobile plans and changing technologies, it’s difficult to know whether you are getting the most out of your mobile service. And the way in which carriers lock you in to contracts, means that if you find that your business needs change then you are often find you are stuck with your current arrangement.

Forum has changed that. We review your usage and if there is a better option with another carrier, be it price or technology, we can change your service provider. If you want to have new devices more regularly, we can build that into your flexible Forum agreement.

We make sure that you are not paying for more than you need and that you have technology matched to your business requirements.

Tired of having inflexible contracts that don’t allow you to change as your needs change? Want a phone system with the latest features and no capital outlay? Need an affordable video conferencing system to reduce your travel costs and environmental impact?

We can tailor a Forum communication solution to meet your business need. Why not call us on 1300 854 856 or contact us via email here.


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