Small Business.

Forum IT are experts in the provision of small business IT solutions to help small businesses reduce costs and improve productivity.

We understand the pain points that are often associated with managing IT and data systems. That is why we have developed a range of IT solutions that addresses common small business needs. Our small business IT solutions encompass hardware, software, and provision of maintenance, training and consultative services.

The role of a solutions provider is to improve and streamline services for their clients so they can prioritise business productivity and growth. We’ve found that SMBs need to move fast to stay competitive, but many don’t have the time or resources to identify the best services or suppliers with only 1 in 5 businesses having actively looked at ways to reduce their largest operating expenditure in the past year – whether this be staff, infrastructure investment, telecommunications, property or energy costs.

The costs associated with managing multiple supplier arrangements is often overlooked, with most business owners and managers often not having the time or resources to identify the best services or suppliers, or how to better manage the increasing cost of doing business.

Forum IT partners with businesses, alleviating the pain associated with dealing with multiple suppliers on administration, billing and service. We remove the day-to-day headaches so that you can focus on running your business.

Our cloud environment provides the foundation upon which to flexibly scale up and down content delivery in accordance with your changing business requirements. This ensures the unknowns of the future do not impact on the decisions of today.

How we help.

Whilst we obviously understand big business technology, we do also understand the struggles that most small businesses go through. We understand that most small businesses would probably like to but can’t afford to utilise the latest in document management, intranet, sophisticated email & calendaring, group conferencing and other IT systems. Not only is it ordinarily too expensive for SMBs, it’s often too complicated to operate and maintain without dedicated IT staff.

That’s where Forum IT can help. We deliver the entire IT value chain, from consultation to large-scale implementations. We become your IT team.