Forum IT has worked extensively in the field of security and we understand the complexities and challenges these organisations face.

Constantly addressing issues of employee safety, compliance and response times, security companies have unique needs when it comes to their IT requirements. Integrating with Forum Fleet’s TomTom Telematics, Forum IT is able to provide solutions to better manage your mobile workforce, increasing visibility and overcome communication challenges by introducing integrated solutions across:

  • Incident mobile app
  • Man down/panic unit
  • GPS tracking
  • Vehicle door open monitor

Given the specific needs of security companies, each solution, big or small, is likely to have unique requirements when it comes to integrating fleet & IT capabilities. Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 500, Forum IT is committed to empowering small businesses by providing them with access to the same secure enterprise tools that have typically only been available to the big end of town.

Our Customers.

Southern Cross Protection

Southern Cross Protection provides intelligent and comprehensive security solutions for their customers across a variety of industries. As the largest security patrol company in Australia, Forum IT & Forum Fleet’s partnership with Southern Cross is becoming a notable example of the innovative work Forum IT can offer in this integrated fleet space.

With more than 150 vehicles on the road, fleet visibility was key to the solution. Southern Cross Protection required a solution that allowed their staff out on the job to take photos and align these with the details in WEBFLEET. Forum IT & Forum Fleet were able to develop a tailored camera solution grounded in safety and innovative technology, working to improve efficiencies for Southern Cross and their team.

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