Legal firms today are faced with a flood of information and variety of content. Forum IT delivers unique solutions that empower legal institutions with a strong web-based platform that brings together all day-to-day applications and procedures in a manner that is efficient, safe and confidential.

Our solutions are customised to your firm’s unique needs to provide the following capabilities:

  • Collaborate online with ease
  • Effectively locate documents relating specific clients or cases
  • Integrating document management & workflow
  • Create key business intelligence metrics and dashboards for review
  • Access external research sites, as well as internal repositories that store project histories, research information and other reference materials
  • Audit trail & compliance

We have a proven track record with integrating solutions and applications that are targeted specifically at legal organisations and the challenges that they face as industry. Many of our clients are using hybrid cloud, bridging their existing applications with our cloud services. This can be provided easily with our Managed Private Networks (MPN) allowing quick integration with more than 60 applications such as Leap, Affinity, HP Autonomy Worksite, Worldox and many more.

Whether you’re a boutique agency or a large firm, Forum IT has a solution to suit. Our mandate is to empower small businesses with the same secure enterprise tools that have typically only been available to the big end of town.

Our Customers.