Meet client needs and respond to changing demand quickly and effectively.

In an industry with a heavy focus on keeping pace with evolving markets and regulations, technology solutions are critical for not only ensuring a competitive edge, but also responding to uncertainties in the marketplace. Forum IT helps insurance firms connect with their stakeholders by optimising business processes, improving collaboration and enabling mobility. With extensive experience and access to the latest applications available to the industry, a solution from Forum IT ensures greater customer centricity with better insight, optimised processes, and enhanced customer reach.

With our secure cloud services and private networking, we help insurance firms unify data, applications and personnel to efficiently deliver the highest level of service at all stages of the client interaction.

Forum IT are specialists in providing secure, tailored record management solutions designed to improve business processes, minimise physical storage needs and reduce unnecessary time wasting. Cloud Hosted document management and physical scan services such as ‘Scan On Demand’ have enabled our existing clients to reduce average claims processing from 3 days to less than 1.

Whether you’re a boutique insurance agency or a large provider, we hope to empower small business with the same enterprise tools as the big end of town. With Forum IT you can access the latest cloud technology and solutions that have typically never provided sensible ROI or seemed out of reach.