Forum IT is the right technology partner to deliver sophisticated services that differentiate your business and create a personalised experience for your clients and guests.

Given the specific needs of the industry, Forum IT is committed to meeting the growing challenges of delivering IT solutions for businesses in hospitality. Whatever your requirements, from single sites to complex multi-site environments, we can tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions help businesses in the hospitality industry achieve the following:

  • Support the newest mobile applications and wireless services
  • Improve operational efficiency by reducing expenses, such as energy costs
  • Generate new revenue streams through next-generation technologies

Providing an outstanding guest experience is critical for those in the hospitality industry. However, managing multiple locations, handling specific guest requirements, and coordinating a highly dynamic workforce are often met with challenges. As such, the hospitality industry is quickly adapting and looking to solutions that will enable greater access to technology, increase operational flexibility and enhancing customer experience.

Through our flexible finance arrangements we provide all of our solutions through an Operating Expense (OPEX) platform. You are now empowered to upgrade business service, software or even the AV equipment as required without being crippled by old equipment and solutions whilst your competitors have the latest.

Forum can deliver infrastructure services such fast Internet, printing needs, network management or you can outsource your entire IT requirements.

Partnering with Forum IT will ensure you’re at the forefront of technology in your industry.

By providing tailored solutions and integrating to Private Cloud, we hope to empower small businesses such as cafés or restaurants with the same secure enterprise tools we provide large hotel chains. You can have a staff of five, or 200, and still access the breadth of solutions that have typically been out of reach or offer limited ROI.

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