Streamline core business processes and enable seamless and secure information sharing with a solution from Forum IT.

Organisations within the healthcare industry have very specific needs when it comes to their IT requirements. Our proactive IT management solutions work to reduce and eliminate downtime by identifying and preventing issues before they occur. Streamline administration, simplify patient records management, accelerate collections and reduce the cost of compliance—all without sacrificing the quality of patient care.

Given the importance of compliance and auditing requirements within the industry, data retention and cloud storage solutions are often crucial for healthcare organisations. Cloud solutions ensure hospitals and health care providers are kept up to date with live information to minimise downtime and alleviate any risks.

Forum IT can also architect comprehensive recording and reporting solutions, whereby patient history and medical records can be accessed with accuracy and ease, helping to minimise risks associated with administering medications & procedures without prior patient knowledge.

Whether you’re a small medical practice or a large-scale health care facility, Forum IT has a solution to suit. We hope to empower small businesses by providing them with access to the same secure enterprise tools that have typically only been available to the big end of town.

Our Customers.

In a collaborative effort with the expertise of Forum Fleet, Forum IT was able to develop a sophisticated Cloud Patient Case Booking System for St John Ambulance Victoria.

5. St Johns Solution Diagram


This innovative Cloud Patient Case Booking System utilises the latest in TomTom’s fleet management technology, ensuring optimum productivity and transparency. Fleet visibility was a key component of the St John’s brief. They needed to know where their vehicles were, what they were doing and required a solution that maximised crew productivity.

Forum IT was able to introduce a sophisticated rostering system where shifts are now determined and allocated according to the skills required by crew members, to the type of transportation and equipment needed for each case.

By implementing Forum Fleet’s Cloud Patient Case Booking System, St John has reduced patient waiting times, increased the number of patient transports per day, and minimised patient risk by providing advanced notice of patient history to hospitals & healthcare providers.

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