Education & Training.

In an increasingly connected world, educational and training institutions are relying on technology to be more successful and improve learning outcomes. Forum IT delivers solutions that empower institutions to work more effectively and with greater visibility. Providing collaborative and mobile solutions that improve interaction and engagement, Forum IT specialises in optimising back office systems to enhance the quality of services, reduce cost, and minimise risk.

Record Management.

Key to the solutions Forum IT provides is the introduction of sophisticated record storage and management systems. We know educational institutions are required to retain documents for extended periods of time, making the upkeep and retrieval of records and the physical storage of documents a difficult and time consuming task. By introducing solutions where physical records are moved into the cloud with a centralised digital retrieval system, not only can educational institutions reduce the time previously taken to access records, but also relieve valuable space within their physical premises.

What may have taken anywhere between a day or a week to complete, is now taken care of within minutes. The ability to store records in an efficient, safe and confidential manner is also imperative to meet legislative requirements and industry standards.

Wireless technology.

Forum IT are specialists in mobile device management (MDM) utilising the latest wireless technologies to facilitate access of up to thousands of users including security and management of those users.

Forum IT’s Learning Management System (LMS), is one of the most comprehensive e-learning solutions on the market for the planning, implementation and management of company-wide professional learning and development. Europe’s leading LMS is used by millions of users around the globe and provides tailor-made, cost-effective advanced e-learning training to organisations of any size and in any industry. The Learning Suite is user-friendly, and provides easy navigation through detailed company-specific learning processes and structures. Using innovative technology and the latest in SCORM compliance, our online Learning Management System guarantees a high level of long-term reporting, performance support and feedback for your staff.

Integrated print applications.

PaperCut solutions are incredibly effective within educational institutions having the ability to implement silent monitoring, print reporting and user-pays printing. In addition to increasing flexibility for students and teachers with the freedom to print to any printer within the network, follow me printing solutions are also an effective way to reduce print waste, typically saving 5-10%.

PaperCut also automatically tracks printer errors and can be configured to send email or SMS messages to admin or helpdesk staff when a printer requires attention. With a phasing-in approach, our team will help you to roll out PaperCut without disrupting the workflow of your staff and students.

By providing tailored solutions and helping our customers integrate private cloud applications, we hope to empower smaller education centers such as day care and special needs centers with the same secure enterprise tools as larger institutions. You can be a five person learning center, or a campus with 1,000 students and still have access to all of the solutions that have typically been out of reach.

Our Customers.