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AEIOU Foundation.


AEIOU Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and one of Queensland’s leading providers of early education for children with Autism aged between two-and-a-half and six years. Established in 2005, AEIOU operates nine centers across Queensland.

The Challenge

The retrieval and upkeep of records and the physical storage of documents was becoming an increasingly difficult task for AEIOU. As they were required to store children’s records for approximately 20 years and employee records for 7 years, having no centralised record management system in place, this task was becoming a growing challenge.

As such, AIEOU needed a solution that would provide not only a better way to store and retrieve records, but one that could adapt to changing requirements, work effectively over multiple locations, and one that required minimal administration.

The Solution

Forum IT implemented a ‘My Docs Hosted Solution’ for AEIOU. By moving all physical records into the cloud, staff could now access all records from their centralised digital system, with each center having their own database and logins. Not only did this substantially reduce the time previously taken to access records, it also freed up valuable space within the centers.

To keep the costs low, Forum IT was able to utilise AEIOU’s existing photocopiers and scanners within the solution. This enabled staff members to make use of the new system quickly and effectively.

The Result

Since the initial implementation for center and staff records, AEIOU is now utilising the system for storage and retrieval of other operational documents – further improving efficiencies across the business.

AEIOU are now saving an average of 64 hours each month in document retrieval, equating to a $1,600 saving.



Customer Comment

"In Human Resources, we often receive document requests from past employees. Before Forum IT’s My Docs Hosted Solution, this meant travelling to our storage facility, rummaging through boxes, retrieving the document, copying/scanning it, and then sending it on. This could often take anywhere between a day and a week to complete. Now within a matter of minutes, we are able to access these records easily from our desktop and respond and provide the document requested.
“The ability to store our records in an efficient, safe and confidential manner also assists the organisation to meet legislative requirements, and industry standards."

− Amber Simpson, Director of People & Performance, AEIOU Foundation.